Link Exchanges

Link Exchanges

How many of us have email everyday to exchange links with someone and how many actually exchange links?

Link exchanges are a great resource of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providing your linking to a reliable site and that you are getting a link back. Think of links as votes for your site, and the Page Rank (PR) as the strength of that vote. So a link from a site that has a PR6 is going to benefit your site more than a link from a site that has a PR2.

The subject of your linking site must be the same. A site selling garden products should not be link to a site selling software. Why?

When the search engine bots crawl through your site, they pick up keywords and other pieces of code to build a picture of what the website is about. Then it looks for links (votes) for both inbound and outbound. If the bots find links not associated with the subject of the site this goes as a mark against the site.

When you send the HTML link code to your link partner, don’t forget to use keywords in the link text.

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